The Orderly Conversation Podcast

The Orderly Conversation: Part 1

February 28, 2020 Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, & Barbara Egel Episode 1
The Orderly Conversation Podcast
The Orderly Conversation: Part 1
Show Notes

Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger envision a future where meetings, presentations, and training sessions are the least frustrating parts of doing business. Join them as they talk about The Orderly Conversation and how the concept informs the work that they do at Turpin Communication.

Key concepts in this episode include

  • The Orderly Conversation concept benefits Turpin’s clients by helping them be more effective and efficient.
  • Manufacturing squeezes every ounce of inefficiency out of the process. Communication? Not so much. Dale and Greg think you and your organization deserve better.
  • Rules are not effective tools to improve communication. Beware of training companies who focus on do-this, don’t-do-that rules. 
  • Peoples’ communication can be improved through a nuanced approach and methodology.
  • A company’s culture must be considered when developing communication training and strategies.
  • When teams participate in the same training experience, efficiencies are realized because they now have a common language, experience, and tools to draw from. This makes it easier to coach each other as well. 
  • Improving someone’s self-awareness so that they can think on their feet is key to improving communication.
  • Turpin’s tagline is “Business Communication. Untangled.” What exactly does that mean?
  • The notion that a presentation or meeting is a conversation and not a speech can be a game changer for some.
  • Perfection is not the goal; effectiveness is, which means that a certain degree of imperfection is good and can help nervous communicators lower the bar and be more effective.
  • Effective communication coaches take the trainee’s emotions (nervousness, frustration, fears) into account.
  • Improving an individual’s communication leads to confidence for him or her, empowers teams to succeed, and cultivates leadership.
  • How single malt scotch vs. RumChata informs the tone of the work Turpin does. 


Turpin Communication is a business communication training company. We build the skills presenters, meeting facilitators, and trainers need to achieve their goals, work more efficiently, and grow leadership capabilities. Our process is about simplification and personalization. We untangle confusing assumptions, clarify fuzzy definitions, and reject the tyranny of generic rules.

As communication trainers and coaches, Dale and Greg help businesspeople, or as they call them “Busy People at Work,” communicate more effectively and efficiently. They do that in workshop settings and private coaching sessions. 

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