The Orderly Conversation Podcast

The Orderly Conversation: Part 2

February 28, 2020 Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, & Barbara Egel Episode 2
The Orderly Conversation Podcast
The Orderly Conversation: Part 2
Show Notes

In Part 2 of this episode, Dale and Greg discuss the methodology and guiding principles behind their work and the benefits their clients gain after employees participate in a Turpin workshop. 

Sophisticated buyers understand they are not buying a commodity and that growing self-awareness and improving communication requires a nuanced approach. 

Key concepts in this episode include

  • The Orderly Conversation, what it is, and how it affects every element of business communication.
  • Everyone has a Default Approach, which informs how they prepare for and deliver presentations. 
  • Ted talks and Public Speaking 101 create trouble for business presenters when they treat presentations in the same way.
  • Nuanced coaching leads to self-awareness.
  • Nervousness can be managed by improving one’s degree of engagement. 
  • Three guiding principles, one of which is the Orderly Conversation, play a role in helping people improve their communication. 
  • Improving one’s communication by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your communication can help you grow your career.
  • There are dangers of commodity thinking when it comes to buying communication training. 
  • Tailoring training to each organization, team, and individual is necessary for long-term improvement. 
  • Skill-reinforcement and manager support play big roles in making sure training sticks and is applied back on the job.

Turpin provides a Vendor Checklist to help managers and learning & development professionals understand what they should look for when shopping for communication training. Download a copy of the Vendor Checklist here.


Turpin Communication is a business communication training company. We build the skills presenters, meeting facilitators, and trainers need to achieve their goals, work more efficiently, and grow leadership capabilities. Our process is about simplification and personalization. We untangle confusing assumptions, clarify fuzzy definitions, and reject the tyranny of generic rules.

As communication trainers and coaches, Dale and Greg help businesspeople, or as they call them “Busy People at Work,” communicate more effectively and efficiently. They do that in workshop settings and private coaching sessions. 

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