The Orderly Conversation Podcast

Improving Soft Skills Through Nuanced Coaching

March 02, 2020 Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, & Barbara Egel Episode 3
The Orderly Conversation Podcast
Improving Soft Skills Through Nuanced Coaching
Show Notes

It’s well known that leaders across all industries are concerned about the lack of soft skills in their employees. As business evolves, soft skills will become key differentiators in the workforce. Dale and Greg discuss the nuanced approach that is necessary in order to coach people to improve their self-awareness and develop their soft skills. 

 Key concepts in this episode include

  • Communication touches all soft skills, so by improving communication, related soft skills are easier to address.
  • Skills are behaviors used intentionally, which means they can be improved.
  • Growing one’s self-awareness is key.
  • There is a difference between skill-building and skill awareness. When shopping for soft-skill training, make sure you know what you’re buying, so you don’t waste resources.
  • Many communication trainers treat the development of soft skills in the same way that hard skills are taught (do it this way). Developing soft skills requires a more nuanced approach that includes one-on-one coaching and helps people think on their feet.
  • Beware the pitfalls of hiring too many different companies with inconsistent approaches to communication. 
  • Working on your communication must be like practicing tennis. It’s not enough to just work on the serve (what you’re saying). You must also work on the return (your response to what others say).


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As communication trainers and coaches, Dale and Greg help businesspeople, or as they call them “Busy People at Work,” communicate more effectively and efficiently. They do that in workshop settings and private coaching sessions. 

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