The Orderly Conversation Podcast

Holding Meetings that are More Effective

March 05, 2020 Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, & Barbara Egel Episode 6
The Orderly Conversation Podcast
Holding Meetings that are More Effective
Show Notes

The way meetings are conducted says a lot about an organization’s culture, and it’s the responsibility of leaders to set expectations around how business will be conducted during meetings. This applies to everyone in the room, not just the facilitator of the meeting.

In this episode, Dale, Greg, and Barbara hold a meeting about meetings(!), and they share stories about how they’ve worked with organizations and individuals to improve meeting culture.

Key concepts in this episode include

  • The culture of meetings needs to be established by managers and reinforced over time.
  • Meetings should be run effectively and efficiently so that business moves forward. 
  • Presentations are always part of a meeting; therefore, meetings and presentations share common characteristics.
  • A meeting happens any time two or more people interact with one another, regardless of the situation or the degree of planning that went into it.
  • Meetings are expensive, so our businesses deserve for them to be run as efficiently as possible.
  • Participating in meetings is as important as running the meeting, and therefore, understanding your role in meetings is critical.
  • Meetings always succeed on two different levels. Are you meeting the goal, and are you creating the conditions for a fruitful conversation to take place?
  • Trust in both directions plays a role in effective meetings: (1) are you the leader that people trust to be efficient? And (2) can you trust everyone else to participate fully?
  • Consistency over time is key to real culture change.
  • How do you want people to feel? Do you want this to be a pleasant place to work? Meetings play a role in this.
  • Contribute to meetings and be the type of person that others want to work with. When you do this consistently, your professional brand grows, and so does your career.
  • Use a framing strategy to set context and give people a reason to participate in your meetings.

Three resources were mentioned in this episode. Download here:

  1. Ground Rules for Effective Meetings 
  2. Blog about expensive meetings 
  3. Framing Strategy Worksheet 

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