The Orderly Conversation Podcast

Storytelling for Business Results

March 05, 2020 Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, & Barbara Egel Episode 7
The Orderly Conversation Podcast
Storytelling for Business Results
Show Notes

Most people agree that storytelling can be an effective communication tool. Stories communicate emotions, personalize events, make complicated concepts clear, and build relationships. However, traditional storytelling approaches tend to be too complicated because they are based on a literary approach. We shouldn’t expect businesspeople to be professional storytellers, so a simplified approach is necessary. Listen in as Dale and Greg discuss their unique take on storytelling and how to simplify the process.

Key concepts in this episode include

  • A simplified story definition: Stories describe events that happened (or could happen) at another time or in another place. Business stories are always part of a larger conversation and are told with specific intent.
  • Stories may be planned or told spontaneously. Regardless, they should always be told with intent and within the context of the conversation taking place.
  • For people who shy away from telling stories, it’s important to realize that people tell stories all the time. The difference between those stories and effective business stories is intent.
  • When crafting a story, identify the raw materials, then dial up or dial down various elements in order to shape the story. 
  • Always wrap up your stories by explaining why you wanted to tell the story. This provides the story’s intent.

What We Wish Everyone Knew About Storytelling

Storytelling Workshops:

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